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Terms and Conditions Of Design Entry


Stop Clickbait is an Internet association that has one objective, make the Internet a better place. In the recent years, we have constructed a Facebook network of various pages that together have built a large number of followers. Each page centers around challenging news sources and content sharing pages to produce better content without beguiling or manipulative descriptions. Through our efforts and those of our followers, we share viral clickbait across our pages with a modified "short and sweet" reveal to accompany the clickbait article.

We are currently in search of talented designers who want to submit their designs for official Stop Clickbait merchandise. To get you started, we have provided a small media kit with files such as our official logo and font. You will receive a 7.5% royalty of the gross sale (excluding shipping fees and taxes) anytime a product with your design on being sold. We require you to read these terms and conditions tentatively before utilizing our website and before joining the design entry program/contest. Using our site implies that you understood and accept our Terms and Conditions.


Everybody is eligible for this entry or contest. There is no entry fee of whatsoever.


We want you to submit designs for men and women's apparel. We prefer mostly t-shirts designs to start with, but if you have an excellent design for another product, we are open to new ideas. Just let us know in the entry submission. All entries must be original. Designs that have been published, contain profanity, trademarks, logos, or copyrighted works of any other person or business other than Stop Clickbait will not be accepted. Have fun with it! Come up with cool designs that are focused around the theme of "clickbait" or "Stop Clickbait"; whatever you see fit. Remember, your success is our success, and products with your design can be featured and promoted across official Stop Clickbait social media channels. Designs can be anything from minimal to extravagant art. The better the design, the more sales, and the higher royalty payment you'll receive. Please think carefully about the product (t-shirt, hat, sticker, etc.) your design will be featured on and its appeal to customers. In the entry form, details such as requested product type and color can be chosen to accompany your design. Stop Clickbait reserves the right to add your design onto any product sold (of which you'd receive royalties.) Design files that are submitted can be in a variety of file formats, but please choose the file format you believe would work best for printing/viewing purposes. Files uploaded to a public Google Drive folder are preferred. Folders can contain any combination of the following: raw design files (.ai, .psd), viewable files (.jpeg, .png), as well as product mockups (.jpeg, .png). When exporting projects, please make sure no attributes (such as fonts) are missing from the file so we can view it on our end as implied.


  1. There is no entry fee.

  2. Entrant must submit their entries via the Stop Clickbait website.

  3. No responsibility can be accepted for incorrectly uploaded entries or those that are illegible or corrupted. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt. Entries via agents or third parties are invalid and shall not be considered.

  4. They will receive the standard royalty rate (currently 7.5%), excluding shipping and tax fees, for every product sold with their design on it. The payment will reoccur monthly. The royalty rate stated at the time of entry submission is locked in and can't increase. The designer cannot request a higher royalty rate or any other charges at any point.

  5. They must submit original work that becomes the property of "Stop Clickbait" upon submission.

  6. They cannot sell their merchandise with their design on it.

  7. Stop Clickbait can sell the design on any product they want, and the designer will receive a royalty every time the design is sold in any physical format.

  8. Stop Clickbait is not obligated to stop selling any design of theirs upon request.

  9. Stop Clickbait has the right to stop selling their design whenever Stop Clickbait wants.

  10. Stop Clickbait reserves the right to terminate this design entry program at any time, effective on the date of issuing the termination notice, and we are under no obligation to give notice before the date of termination.

  11. If the royalty payments are not accepted by the designer for any reason, Stop Clickbait has the right to continue selling the design indefinitely without attempting payments to designer.

  12. If the designer submits copyrighted content, and the content gets sold under the premise that its original work, Stop Clickbait will be free of all prosecutions.

  13. Any entry may be displayed in a portfolio or personal collection, but may not be sold or reproduced for any other purpose once submitted.

  14. Stop Clickbait reserves the right to adjust the standard royalty rate, and publicly state it, for future entries submitted after adjustment.

  15. The designer hereby assigns any rights of the intellectual property of this entry to Stop Clickbait. The designer agrees that the entry submitted becomes Stop Clickbait's property and that the rights to the entry will not be returned to the original designer.

  16. The designer states that this entry is the designer's original creation and that the designer did not copy anyone else's work in creating this design entry. The designer agrees that if work has been copied in preparing this entry, and if the design gets sold, the designer will defend, indemnify and hold harmless Stop Clickbait and their respective officers, directors, employees, suppliers, licensors, contractors and agents against and from any loss, debt, liability, damage, obligation, claim, demand, judgment or settlement of any nature or kind, known or unknown, liquidated or unliquidated, including without limitation, all reasonable costs and expenses incurred including all reasonable litigation costs and attorneys' fees arising out of or relating to claims, complaint, action, proceeding or suit of a third party, that arise or relate in whole or part to the contestant's entry.


By participating, you and your organization certify that your entry is unique and does not encroach upon the privileges of any individual or entity. You recognize that you possess, are exclusively dependable or generally control the majority of the rights to the content that you present; that utilization of the content or entries you supply does not abuse these Terms of Use and won't make damage any individual or entity; and that you will reimburse the Stop Clickbait or its partners for all cases coming about because of the materials you submit. The Stop Clickbait isn't obligated for any copyright or trademark encroachment with respect to the contestant. Stop Clickbait entrants are advised and required to obtain third party consents where required by law or by best ethical practices.


If you have any questions regarding these Terms or our practices, you can contact us at:


Stop Clickbait LLC

Boulder, CO, USA