We are “Stop Clickbait”, an Internet organization that has one goal, make the Internet a better place. Over the last couple of years, we have built a Facebook network of 23 different pages that together boast hundreds of thousands of followers. Each page focuses on challenging media outlets and content sharing pages to generate better headlines and click worthy content without deceptive or manipulative descriptions.

Through our efforts and those of our followers, we share viral clickbait across our pages with a modified “short and sweet” reveal. Our goal is never to spoil content or maliciously strip away ad revenue but rather to illustrate that headlines and titles that respect a reader’s digital autonomy are a better way to generate those clicks. Our explanations save clicks, time, and frustration. Our ultimate goal is to create a more organic and honest Internet.

Since our onset, our team has grown to over 100 volunteers coordinating different efforts like page management, programming, communications, and graphic design.

Our posts have been viewed over 350 million times (that’s a lot of clicks saved) and our reader’s engagement is growing every day. Using our hashtag, #StopClickBait, our community has taken on some of the most widely read clickbait generators on social media. That’s a lot of clicks saved, but more importantly, these journalists who choose to use clickbait headlines are feeling the impact and some have notably adjusted how they construct those headlines and synopses.

It’s time to go against the economy of the Internet, it’s time to stop clickbait.